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I am a subscriber. How do I sign-in?

Click “Sign-in” on the homepage, https://www.ekyno.com. Type in your e-mail address and password that you gave when you created your account and click on the “Sign-in” button.

I am a subscriber. Where can I consult my profile information?

You can review all the information in your profile page by clicking on your profile image, then “View my profile”.

I want some training to get started with Ekyno. What must I do?

Contact our team at the following e-mail address: contact@ekyno.com

I cancelled my subscription but I want to start it again. Can I recover the data and sessions I saved?

Yes. The data created and recorded on your test trial or full account, are saved. You can recover them, if you decide to restart your monthly, or annual, subscription.

What must I do to invite athletes that I want to follow?

You must sign in to Ekyno to invite your athletes. Click the “+” button, to the right of “Teams”, then “Add athletes”. Type in the e-mail address of the athlete you want to invite and click the “Send” button.

I increased or reduced the number of athletes I follow. How do I adjust my payment?

You don’t need to do anything. As soon as you invite or unfollow athletes, the cost of your subscription adjusts automatically. You only pay for what you need.

Can the athlete sign in to Ekyno without a coach?

No. The athlete must be invited by their coach to use Ekyno.

I am a subscriber. Can I recover all the data and sessions that I recorded during my trial period?

Yes, the data created and recorded in your free trial account have been saved.
If you choose to take out a monthly or an annual subscription, this data will be made available again.

After the free trial period, I want to subscribe using a new e-mail address. Can I recover the data and sessions I saved during my free trial?

No, you must use the same user name and password as your 30-day free trial period (your trial account).
If you sign up using a different e-mail address, you will not be able to recover recorded data.

I am a subscriber. Where can I view information for getting started with, and using, Ekyno (tutorials)

To consult information on how to use Ekyno (getting started, functions, etc.), sign in to Ekyno and click on “Help”.

Can I transfer information between two different accounts?

It is not possible to transfer information between two different accounts.

Can I change the e-mail address for my account?

You cannot change e-mail addresses. When you sign-up, you will automatically receive your own username corresponding to your e-mail address. If you enter another e-mail address, the system will not recognise you and you will not be able to connect to Ekyno.

Can I connect to Ekyno from my Smartphone or tablet?

Yes. If you have an iPhone, go to the App Store, type “Ekyno” into the search bar and download the Ekyno app.
If you have an Android Smartphone, go to “Google Play” and type in Ekyno in the search bar and download the Ekyno app.

I have a monthly subscription and I want to reduce the number of athletes I follow. How can I do this?

You have 2 options:
1- From a PC, sign in to the Ekyno website, and in the list of athletes on the left of the panel with your profile information, click on the image of the athlete you no longer want to follow. Click on “Profile” and under the heading “General information, click on “Unfollow this athlete”. Next, confirm your choice by a yes or no.
2- From your phone, open the Ekyno app, click on the three-bar icon, then on “My athletes”. Select the one you no longer want to follow, click on the “i” information icon and scroll down to the bottom of the page to the link, “Unfollow this athlete”, then confirm your choice by a yes or a no.

How does my athlete sign-in?

To create your Ekyno account, your athlete must receive an invitation from you by e-mail.
They must sign in by clicking on the link contained in the e-mail and follow the instructions.
Once they have been redirected to the registration page, your athlete must fill out all the required fields, choose a password and accept the general conditions of use. Next, they click the validation button.

Can I test Ekyno for free before signing up?

Yes, you can try out Ekyno for a free 30-day trial period before subscribing.

How do I create my free Ekyno account?

Go to the homepage, https://www.ekyno.com, click on the Formulas/Free trial page and the, “Start your Ekyno experience” link.
Then click on, “You do not have an account? Sign up”. Depending on your status, click either on, “I am a coach” or “I am an athlete”.
Fill out the mandatory fields and tick the “I have read and agree to the conditions of use” box.
Now you just have to click on the link, “I test for free for 30 days!” and your account is active.

What happens when the 30-day free trial period ends?

You will receive an e-mail telling you that your 30-day trial period is ending.
If you want to subscribe, you can do this by going to your profile page, using the instructions above.
If you do nothing, your account will be automatically locked after the end of the 30-day trial period. You can sign in but you will no longer be able to use Ekyno’s functions.

How do subscribe to Ekyno?

If you are a coach, go to your profile page and click “Edit” in the “My Ekyno” box, which is below “My subscription”, then click the “I subscribe” button. Choose your offer and click on “Select”, then fill out the required fields and validate.
If you are a sports federation or an amateur or professional club, please contact our team.

What is included in my paid subscription?

Click here to see what is included in your subscription.

I am a subscriber. How do I get an invoice?

Sign in to Ekyno, click on your profile image, then “View my profile”.
In the “My Ekyno” box, click “Edit”, under “My subscription”, and a panel will appear with information on your subscription. Click “Invoices” and select the one you want to view. You can then either save it to your desktop or print it out.

Can I pay for just one month, or how can I cancel my monthly subscription?

Yes, you are entirely free to cancel your paid monthly subscription at any time, even after just one month of payable use. There is no minimum sign-up period.
Your subscription is renewed automatically, but you can cancel it when you want in one click, without a cancellation fee or a reason, by simply going to your account settings.
Click on your profile image, then “View my profile”. In the “My Ekyno” section and click on “Edit”, under “My subscription”. A panel will appear with information on your subscription and you can click the “Cancel” button. Click on the “Yes, I want to cancel” button. Your cancellation request has been successfully submitted and will apply from the end of your current billing period (the current month is payable).

Can I receive a reimbursement for my monthly or annual subscription?

No, no reimbursements can be made regardless of how long you have used Ekyno.
For monthly subscriptions, the current month is payable. If you then want to cancel your monthly subscription, you should consult the following question: Can I pay for just one month, or how can I cancel my monthly subscription?
If you wish to cancel your annual subscription (and your annual licence fee), you should send an e-mail to our administrative and financial department (direction.financiere@ekyno.com), 3-months prior to the expiry date.

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