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Who are we?


Founded in 2016, Ekyno is a Montpellier-based start-up which carries the French Tech label, and has offices at Cap Oméga, the 4th most innovative incubator in the world.

Our expertise includes web and digital creation of professional tools for sports coaches aimed at optimising athlete performance.

Our versatile team is made up exclusively of ardent, skilled sports professionals. Regularly confronted with the challenges of sports training management, our multi-skilled team has designed and developed the very first digital solution for sports coaches to include such a full range of efficient features.

Ekyno was designed to save time, ensure maximal customisation of training programmes and enable constant contact with athletes, anytime, anyplace, while pursuing the objectives set. Ekyno provides a fully comprehensive sports management solution which is innovative, efficient and professional. Ekyno’s objective is to grow while keeping our agile, human dimension and customer-centric approach: coaches, clubs, federations, for close-knit, long-term links. We firmly believe that technological developments should facilitate the trainer/athlete relationship while never replacing the human element. Welcome aboard the Ekyno adventure!